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i sat down to smoke “a” bowl before i showered. that was like an hour ago and i have smoked several bowls

it is not even 11 AM

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i don’t know what they are but they were literally everywhere and so beautiful




ooh damn since I’m living alone and working from home now would be a perfect period of time to ease myself into polyphasic sleep☆ as a way of managing my energy levels and maximizing the amount of stuff i can do in a day! i’m not even just talking “productivity”, i want to have more stamina for things like reading and talking to friends too

i like staying up late but i also have a better day if i get up early so basically i wanna have my cake and eat it too

(those of you who’ve known me for too long may have noticed that i tend to excitedly bring this up every couple years and then never do anything about it)

for the most part living here is great but being disabled and not having a dishwasher or in-unit washing machine is awful

I probably couldn’t even afford a place with a washing machine but jfc this is an accessibility issue for me. i don’t have the physical energy for all that going back and forth and lifting and bending down, especially when impatient assholes throw my still-damp clothes on the laundry room counter

:( <3

w/e i’m on my own now! free to be the person he tried to suppress >:3 thx for yr concern pal

rather than making short upset posts constantly, i wish I’d write a lot of poetry… can’t i just express myself that way and use all the practice to get better at it…

csa and pedophilia tws

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there’s a lot of shit my dad did that while i feel doesn’t qualify as abuse (maybe i’d think differently were i talking about somebody else, i really don’t know) it definitely came from a place of abuser logic

i don’t have any specific examples because this was a whole constellation of behaviors over the course of 20 years lmao